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Truth is simple once it’s grasped yet not easy to explain in our human languages. Also there are many levels and layers of understanding that come to us as we evolve.

Despite being the scribe for This World of Echoes I still get deeper and deeper insights each time I read it. That’s why I put together a workshop with lots of computer graphics (like the two below) to help us get a better understanding of the more complex concepts This World of Echoes explores.

Sound Quote from This World of Echoes
Manifestation Quote from This World of Echoes

With nearly fifty years study and experience in the field of metaphysics and mind, body, spirit in general, I have much to offer those who want to deepen their knowledge and bring greater coherence to our understanding of the spiritual journey. With a University major in Education, facilitating other people’s learning is a natural fit for me. I also learn a good deal myself through these joint explorations and the further I go the more exciting I find our investigations into the nature of reality.

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Reviews for This World of Echoes Workshop . . .

(Full names withheld for privacy)

“Exceptional depth.”  R. Cotter (NZ)

“Inspiring, thought-provoking, insightful, useful.”  J. E. Jones (NZ)

“Good, clear perspective of the topic, interspersed with interesting ‘stories’. Jacquelyn has great knowledge and skills to help us along our journey.”  Y. Oliver (NZ)

“Enlightening and informative . . .” C. A. Radford (NZ)

“Jacquelyn has a solid base and deep understanding of Universal principles and how to be more of your true potential and connection with your soul.”  D. Bell (NZ)

“A spiritual journey well worth traveling.”  P Kay (NZ)

“Jacquelyn is an easy and entertaining presenter.”   J. Baxter (NZ)

“I gained some clarity of what this life is about, at a level that’s helpful to me now.”  G. S. Waterworth (NZ)

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