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Amazon (for Kindle)

Apple iBook/iTunes Store   Book One,  Book Two,  Book Three

Barnes & Noble (for Nook)

Copia —  Book One,  Book Two,  Book Three

eBook Pie


Sony (Books Two and Three – The hunt is on for Book One, temporarily lost in cyber space!)

Did you know that some of the retailers above have free ebook readers for your computer.Having search problems? Search using the ISBN numbers listed at the end of this page.

 If you are looking for an ebook distributor – go to:

Baker & Taylor

Reader Power

Without Reviews the books stay hidden so if you think others might enjoy or benefit from them, so write your review, even if it’s just one sentence and post it where you purchased the book. If you purchased the book from me I can post it on my website.

All three books in the trilogy are available in a single printed edition right now.
To buy the printed book CLICK HERE

ISBN numbers for This World of Echoes:

eBook One: 9780987668103
eBook Two: 9780987668134
eBook Three: 9780987668158

Three-in-one Print Volume: 9780987668110

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