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Illustrator Secrets!

Whether it’s illustrating a children’s picture book, a chapter book or a novel, in this intensive one day Illustration Workshop we cover the whole process of creating an illustrated book from inspiration right through to print & publishing.

I share professional tips to help you create an appealing and workable layout. I share composition tips that give illustrations impact and tell you methods that can make your complex job much easier. We deal with the restrictions that printing and commercial considerations can place on your ideas. All these things help make your project easier and quicker to complete.

This workshop will help you avoid the need for reworking what has ‘gone wrong’ through both ignorance of the process and the limitations of producing an illustrated book. I learned the hard way, which means I you don’t have to!

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Below: A layout from The Moonwood Chapter in The Children of Gaia. The original drawings were created with graphite pencil then turned to sepia electronically using a digital quadtone formula.

Night forest and Owl illustration by Jacquelyn E Lane
Mushroom Gnome by Jacquelyn E Lane

Above: A layout from the Payun chapter in The Children of Gaia. The drawing is created with Faber Castel Polychrome Pencils.

City Illustration from Once in a Blue Moon by Jacquelyn E Lane

Illustration from Once In A Blue Moon

Illustrating can throw up some interesting challenges. The brief for Once In A Blue Moon, a delightful story by Julie Leibrich (Random House NZ 1995) required that only every second page could be colour. So as not to jar the senses between the greyscale and the colour pages, I incorporated graphite pencil into every colour page.

How Does It Help?

Here’s a book that got a lot of help when its creator, Barbara Glass came to my workshop.

The front cover of The Prince and the Dragon, a humorous, entertaining and thoroughly delightful  children’s chapter book for 7 to 12 year olds written and illustrated by workshop attendee, Barbara Glass.

The back cover of The Prince and the Dragon.

A bit of background . . .

Barbara Glass came to one of my illustration workshops. She had already begun her project but still had a long way to go.   As Barbara tells it . . .

“I enjoyed the process but funnily didn’t really have the writing and illustrating children’s book as a goal.  It grew out of a small writing group project – to write an adult fairy story- and then wanting to have something easy to do when joining the MAG [Mapua Art Group] group for the morning!!  Then your workshop came along and it just kept building.”

After the workshop Barbara came to see me for some specific advice on her project and over the next couple of years I saw the progress she had made with the illustrations at her Art Group’s annual exhibition. In 2019 I was thrilled to learn that Barbara had finally finished her project and local printer, CopyPress had produced her book. Dave McManus from CopyPress came along to my Illustration workshop as a guest speaker to tell the participants about the process they would go through once their project was completed and ready to go into production.

To purchase The Prince and the Dragon by Barbara Glass, you can phone or text her on +64 027 443 1121 or email her and she will post it to you.  Book $25 and $6 postage in NZ.  Buying direct is more rewarding for the author of course!

Or contact RealNZbooks

Illustration Workshop Reviews

What do professional artists think about this Illustration Workshop?

“Jacquelyn imparts enthusiasm and is a natural teacher. She is exceptionally well prepared and brings a wealth of resources to illustrate the topic of the ‘Illustration workshop’ held today. She is knowledgeable and willing to share her approaches as well as the difficulties in publishing.” Scilla Young, (Nelson, NZ)

“Informative and knowledgeable. Comprehensive and relevant.” Lynette Graham, (Nelson, NZ)

“Jacquelyn’s presentation was informative and comprehensive, with many examples from actual publications, which reinforced the subject matter. She was open and keen to answer the many questions in a professional manner. A ‘real live’ publisher talked about his side of the business, and was happy to answer questions, so we got plenty of useful information straight from ‘the horse’s mouth’ An enjoyable and valuable experience.”  T. Milner, (Nelson NZ)

“I would highly recommend this workshop if you are thinking of publishing or part way into publishing. Extremely informative and worthwhile.” Barbara Glass, (Ruby Bay, NZ)

“Comprehensive breakdown of process at the right time for me, i.e. before starting. My idea about how to move forward has changed and now seems more logically focused.” M Chapman, (Tasman, NZ)

“I participated in Jacquelyn’s Illustration workshop where she readily divulged a huge amount of very helpful information on Illustrating children’s books. I would highly recommend this day to anyone who would like to explore this career.” Marion Towns (Golden Bay, NZ)

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