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Two Inspiring Books


What a great time to introduce a book that teaches us how to deal with traumas past and present!

Even from birth our human lives can be pretty challenging. By the time we get to adulthood the ‘scars’ can be obvious or we’ve become expert at hiding them. In this excellent book by Dawn Grace Kelly, we are given a variety of proven tools to choose from for our healing journey to healthy Mind, Body and Emotions. Dawn’s book is well named because an effective healing journey leads us to experience Truth, Spirit and Love.

Check out my review of TRUTH SPIRIT LOVE or head straight on over to Dawn Grace Kelly’s website.

A Delightful Tale!

Aimed at 7 to 12 year olds, The Prince and the Dragon is a querky, humorous Chapter Book that both boys and girls will enjoy and equally important, so will those who read it aloud. I can see it being used in schools for those times when kids get to ‘sit on the mat’ and enjoy a serial, read to them by the teacher over the course of a couple of weeks.

Its humour pokes a bit of fun at how our labels and expectations define us and how serendipity, courage and friendship can change an entire community. All good stuff  and the pictures are delightful . . .

A bit of background . . .

Barbara Glass came to one of my illustration workshops. (See Workshops in the Main Menu above.) She had already begun her project but still had a long way to go.   As Barbara tells it . . .

“I enjoyed the process but funnily didn’t really have writing and illustrating a children’s book as a goal.  It grew out of a small writing group project—to write an adult fairy story—and then wanting to have something easy to do when joining the MAG [Mapua Art Group] group for the morning!!  Then your workshop came along and it just kept building.”

After the workshop Barbara came to see me for some specific advice on her project and over the next couple of years I watched her progress with the illustrations at her Art Group’s annual exhibition. In 2019 I was thrilled to learn that Barbara had finally finished her project and local printer CopyPress had produced her book. CopyPress owner, Dave McManus, had come  to my workshop to tell the participants about the process they would go through once their project was completed and ready to go into production.

To purchase The Prince and the Dragon by Barbara Glass, you can phone or text her on +64 027 443 1121 or email and she will post it to you.  Book $25 and $6 postage in NZ.  Buying direct is more rewarding for the author of course!

Or contact RealNZbooks

You can also check out Barbara’s Facebook page – The prince and the dragon@barbararubybay

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