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Natural Secrets

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The Art of Tiffany Bozic

It’s very clear from her art that California-based artist, Tiffany Bozic’s life revolves around nature. The strong conservation theme of her artworks is boldly but sensitively expressed on sustainable maple wood panels.

Do What You Have to Do

Tiffany’s work is evidence of a good deal of study, research and travel to learn first hand about the animals and ecosystems she portrays. This includes study in research centres and museums along with personal learning alongside biologists and botanists.



Flora and Fawn

I love the way Tiffany integrates the minutia of the surroundings, with or on, the surface of the birds and animals she portrays. It’s not surprising that a good deal of research goes into the creation of these beautiful, provocative paintings.

Below:  Life’s Adventures

Fading Song – An exquisite work. I love it!

I first heard of Tiffany’s powerful images from a fellow artist who had travelled to Auckland (NZ) for the launch of Tiffany’s first book of her works up to that time. I too purchased that book, which has given me a good deal of pleasure in the intervening years. As I prepared for this blog, I learned that Tiffany has recently released a follow up volume. I hopefully expect it to appear in my bookshelves soon!

In addition to her own books, Tiffany has also illustrated a book on trees. That looks like a treat too!

There’s a link to all three Tiffany Bozic books at the end of this blog.



Above: The Beauty Puzzle – The puzzle pieces are an intriguing series in Tiffany’s collection. As with many of her works, the title hints at deeper meaning behind the artwork.


In this painting as well, the title is a clever allusion to the symbology of the artwork, setting the viewer thinking more deeply about the subject matter of the painting.

Finally, a couple of wonderful images from the sea; two more great examples of Tiffany Bozic’s collaboration with scientists in various fields of study.

Who’s Winning.

Find out more about Tiffany Bozic and her beautiful images, prints and books at
Check HERE specifically for both books of Tiffany’s art plus the book on trees she has illustrated.


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