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Daryl Fell – Esoteric Astrologer & Teacher – Melbourne, Australia:

Jacquelyn E Lane’s  work is a unique insight into the world of Ideas and Universal Principles (in the Platonic sense) that inform the matrix of everyday living. The being(s) that Jacquelyn is a messenger for is/are extraordinarily wise, clear sighted, powerful and steadying. It’s as if you had gone to a wise Aunt/Uncle for the truth of who you and the world are, and s/he has given it to you, unvarnished. The feeling is one of being able to relax with the truth, and let go of one’s illusory self-preoccupations (even if temporarily).

In reading the passages I felt an upliftment, like I was being opened up to a greater reality, a more spacious and open field in which the spirit is joyfully at play. Many of the passages are intellectually and philosophically rigorous, and one can engage with her work conceptually or intuitively on a more heartfelt level.

For those familiar, “Echoes” reminded me of the works of Helena Roerich’s, the messenger for Master Morya.  They carry a similar intensity, uniqueness of perspective, and uncompromising truth.

Jacquelyn has written in the flavour of the great esoteric and occult traditions, theosophy, anthroposophy, hermeticism etc,  yet the language and the perspectives are different. I think the reader will find new information and fresh perspectives on familiar subjects, and a new way of articulating “energy” in comprehensible terms.

The passages are ideal for meditation in part or whole, and can be revisited many times for fresh insight. For those more willing, the passages offer challenges to our self-perceptions to foster spiritual growth. “This World of Echoes” is a worthy, well written volume of Esoteric Wisdom. I highly recommend it.

From Kirkus Independent Review:

‘But her book isn’t simply an appeal to “eliminate the barriers” to happiness or fulfillment. She also delves into ontology and cosmology, explaining the nature of time, the origin of  structures and shapes in the universe, and the roles played by the handmaidens of creation (devas and nature spirits.) Veteran “seekers” will find these discussions illuminating and inspiring . . .’

‘The prose is lucid . . . and much of it is akin to poetry in the sense that it can, and should be revisited for deeper understanding.’

From Nicola Mannering, Artist and writer, Nelson, New Zealand.

I found this beautiful book to be a sane approach to truth, full of inspiration and wisdom. It is non-sectarian, no-nonsense, profound, insightful and revealing. It draws me in and puts my mind and heart to work. It is intelligent, compassionate, penetrating, and leads me into useful places, useful modes of thought and contemplation. Thus it is stimulating and thought-provoking. Above all, it is deep and pure commonsense. I highly recommend it for anyone who is searching to understand that which lies beyond the surface of the phenomenal world.

This World of Echoes – Workshop Reviews

“Inspiring, thought-provoking, insightful, useful.” — J. E. Jones, Kapiti (NZ)

“Good, clear perspective of the topic, interspersed with interesting ‘stories’. Jacquelyn has great knowledge and skills to help us along our journey.” — Y. Oliver, Waikanae (NZ)

Well explained esoteric information bringing beautiful clarity to the complexity of life. I found the explanation of the 7 planes very insightful. Full of potent and insightful information.” A. M. Harvey, Wellington (NZ)

“Enlightening and informative and very timely.” — C. A. Radford, Wellington (NZ)

“Jacquelyn has a solid base and deep understanding of Universal principles and how to be more of your true potential and connection with your soul.” — D. Bell, Paraparaumu (NZ)

“A spiritual journey well worth traveling.” — P Kay, Te Horo (NZ)

“Jacquelyn is an easy and entertaining presenter.” —  J. Baxter, Wellington (NZ)

“Brings together and brings cohesion and balance to a lot of thoughts and ideas I already hold.” — E. J. Waterworth, Te Horo (NZ)

“I gained some clarity of what this life is about, at a level that’s helpful to me now.” — G. S. Waterworth, Te Horo, (NZ)

“Great study of spiritual aspects applied to our world in a simplistic way. Fun with stories and experiences. Prior knowledge needed. Broad mind needed, well read or to be open to spiritual work.” P. McKnight

“Not for the beginner or the closed mind but will sow some great seeds! Great overview of the architecture of the realms to the way back home . . .” — A Holmes, Raumati (NZ)

“An important, simplistic summary of essential, vital foundational knowledge and wisdom required for the committed spiritual server.” — T. Holmes, Raumati (NZ)

Readers have the power!

It is readers not publishers who create book sales today. Without reviews or ratings on  Balboa, Amazon’s Kindle Store, Kobo, Nook or anywhere my books can be purchased no one else will know about them. If you take a few minutes, to write even one sentence, about why you liked, enjoyed or benefited from This World of Echoes, and post it on those retail sites, you’ll be helping other readers as well as the scribe, namely me! Sharing your enthusiasm with friends is equally effective.

Is writing a review a scary idea?

It can be quite simple really. We just have to ask ourselves some questions about the book we’ve just read then answer them. For example . . . Did I enjoy it? Did it answer some questions for me? Did it carry me off on a new way of thinking about the topic? Did it stay with me when I’d finished reading?

If you can say ‘Yes’ to questions like these all you have to do is write something like . . . “I enjoyed this book. It got me thinking about [whatever] in a new way. I found myself enjoying it even when I had finished.

These days if I have enjoyed a book I write a review. If I haven’t enjoyed it or really disliked a book I don’t write a review, simply because I know any form of art, like writing, is often a matter of personal taste or philosophy. I don’t have to deliberately put down the author’s effort. Not writing a review is a negative vote in itself.

Not many readers are writers so don’t be put off by thinking your review has to be a literary masterpiece. It just has to come from your heart.

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