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The Children of Gaia—A novel of the world’s forests, their trees and their sylvan elves. A story of our time, of what was, is and can be.

Gaia Pearl by Jacquelyn E Lane

The world is not just as we see it for there are many layers. We live on a planet webbed in light—the energies of lives inextricably entwined. Blinded by a belief in separation, humanity plays the most dangerous game of all.

How can they, who we do not see, protect their world  from us and save their kind?

A time of growing turbulence and change

The sylvan elves of the Moonwood live in the spaces between the things of the world. They travel by the light of their mooneye deep into the cells of the tree they call Doruluna where the outside becomes inside and to beyond, where inside becomes a new outside.

Can we humans pass through such a gateway?

Two young children unwittingly opened such a gateway, with no idea how far from ‘normal’ reality it would lead them. Do they really have a choice or have they become pawns in a changing game where the stakes are death or life.

The Children of Gaia is a novel set in the forests of the world and the kingdom of Deva. 178 fine art illustrations embellish this ‘exquisite fairy tale about reality’.
Written for adults and young adults (15+)

Sarah & Steve cover illustration (detail) Jacquelyn E Lane

The Children of Gaia is illustration-rich. I wanted to give readers a feel for the forests of the story, not just through the text but in a visual feast. Below are a few page spreads from the book.

Moonwood Chapter Layout from The Children of Gaia
Night forest and Owl illustration by Jacquelyn E Lane
Mushroom Gnome by Jacquelyn E Lane
Visions Forest Layout from The Children of Gaia
Oparara Forest Illustration from the Children of Gaia
Morpho Butterfly in Santa Rosa National Park
Two Trees layout for The Children of Gaia
Jungle illustration from The Children of Gaia

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