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Karly Oliver

“Let me say Jacquelyn, that your book is just mindblowingly wonderful and so well written (not that I had any doubts about that in the first place)! In addition it has been so wonderfully uplifting for me to read on so many levels. . . .

I was so blown away by, not only the incredible experiences that you’ve had that you shared in the book, but also the the strong and solid arguments that it makes in providing explanations, but also the importance of the subject matter in relation to many of the issues we are facing today, personal/political/environmental. It also gave me a deep sense of feeling reconnected with – what is the word – myself? Everything? Earth and Creator? . . .

I also really like how you acknowledge indigenous people and their strong connection to the Earth and to Creator – The indigenous Elders, who I have the privilege of getting to spend some time with through my work, often talk about the importance of that connection.

Impressive work, I’m in awe and it is also very inspiring.”


Deane Keir

After reading ‘DEVA’ I have come to a place of knowledge regarding the Elemental Forces shaping our world… mentioned Fire. I have a far deeper appreciation and understanding of these forces now and can feel them at work behind this illusion from the tiniest breeze to the mightiest storm. Now when the clouds roll across the sky and lightning flashes and thunder roars, I see them in my consciousness doing their job riding the storm like crazy screaming banshees with neither good nor bad intent. Same thing with the element of fire…..just being what it is meant to be.

It is at our peril that we think we have somehow mastered them.


Diana Polkinghorne

“It has been an honour to read your book. I am in awe of your ability to write and describe the intangible. I am left with a presence not easily described—more like a folding in of energy holding the physical body in grace. Colours abound! And joy is felt! I applaud your bravery and courage to reveal your inner vision and share with your readers such a personal gift.

My comments come from not knowing where you were going in the beginning to the extreme interest in your personal experiences later on. Your discussion of esoteric principles of philosophy is quite an achievement—Cosmic Fire in those few pages! Well done!”  (Diana is New York trained Architectural Designer and veteran student of Esoteric Studies. After reading the manuscript as a Beta Reader she contributed a very useful diagram, which is included in the final book.)


Jennifer Klassen

“The book explains the things about life I was sensing as a young child but unable to express at the time. I used to think in my childlike way “there is something I’m meant to be doing that is magical, why is everyone acting like there is no magic and that there is only a constant state of normal”! I was searching for the magic and mystery of life and your book corroborates my first impressions of it!

I really had no idea Deva was such a vast subject matter. I think that if people grasped that Deva is not just about the fairies in the flowers, but a lens with which to understand the nature of reality then they would have a much broader appeal.

… I enjoyed the way you beautifully married science and metaphysics and included your fascinating personal experience with the Deva Kingdom.

What more can I say but I love it and thank you for writing it. I’ve been waiting for a book that covers the history; the how and the why of Deva and you have nailed it. I want it on my bedside table ASAP!”


Robert Smith

“Earth, Air, Fire, Water, are essential constituents of all life on this planet. Constituents indeed that one can read about and explore in myriad books of philosophical, religious and scientific studies ( ie: mathematical, astronomical, geological, meteorological, biological, gravitational, magnetic, and quantum cosmic science and more). What have most of such studies hitherto found is but an ever increasingly complex depth of ever growing facts, equations, probable and possible probabilities of possible explanations of origins of our planetary home, its place in the near and the far reaching cosmos around us.

Something, however, still eludes our questioning and our science, earnest and mentally intriguing as they are. Something seems to be a hindrance to fundamental progress of knowledge.The author (Jacquelyn Lane) of DEVA doesn’t ask us to argue or discuss or be rational about all of this. She simply presents us with a compelling exposition of the indwelling Light of all forms of earthly life. An indwelling hierarchy with eternal descent from highest planes of Light to the mundane density of our plane of existence but yet with ultimate creative energy to rise again.

Her poetic and evocative prose inspires us with her presentation of the existence of DEVA of the level of Angelic Love. This is the wondrous metaphor of the Song at the heart of the impulse of creation. From DEVA of the highest expression of the Light indwelling down to the lowest Elementals of the simplest life forms the author, with the artist’s compelling vision, poetically brings us into the heart of creative expression itself: JOY in the experience of wonder in all things.”

(Robert (Bob) Smith is a retired English teacher with a degree in English Language and Literature from Oxford. He is also an experienced esotericist.)







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