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“In Deva, Jacquelyn E. Lane presents us with a compelling exposition of the indwelling light of all forms of earthly life—an indwelling hierarchy with eternal descent from highest planes of light to the mundane density of our plane of existence, which still contains the ultimate creative energy to rise again. She poetically brings us into the heart of creative expression itself: joy in the experience of wonder in all things.”

~ Robert Smith, B.A. (Oxon), retired teacher


“This book explains the things in life I was sensing as a young child but unable to express at the time. I was searching for the magic and mystery of life, and your book corroborates my first impressions of it! I really had no idea deva was such a vast subject matter. I think that if people grasped that deva is not just about the fairies in the flowers but a lens with which to understand the nature of reality then they would have a much broader appeal. I enjoyed the way Jacquelyn E. Lane beautifully married science and metaphysics and included her fascinating personal experience with the deva kingdom. I’ve been waiting for a book that covers the history—the how and the why of deva—and you have nailed it.”

~ Jenny Klaassen, early childhood educator


Deva is mind-blowingly wonderful and well written. It has been uplifting for me to read on so many levels. I was blown away not only by the incredible experiences that Lane has had and shared in this book but also by the strong and solid arguments it makes and the importance of the subject matter in relation to the many issues we are facing today—personal, political, and environmental. It also gave me a deep sense of feeling reconnected.”

~ Karly Oliver, B.A. (Political Science & Philosophy)


“This book should come with a health warning—May cause uplifting joy in the normally serious reader.”

~ Linda Chapman, Artist & Light Worker


“I am in awe of Jacquelyn E. Lane’s ability to write and describe the intangible. I am left with a presence not easily described—more like a folding in of energy holding the physical body in grace. Colors abound! And joy is felt! I applaud Jacquelyn’s bravery and courage to reveal her inner vision and share with readers such a personal gift. Her discussion of esoteric principles of philosophy is quite an achievement—cosmic Fire in those few pages! Well done!”

Diana Polkinghorne, CCID (Certificate in Interior Design (USA) LBP (NZ))

Diana has used meditation, psychosynthesis and esoteric studies throughout her forty year architectural design and teaching career in both the USA & NZ to create healthy, appealing spaces for living and working.


“I have thoroughly enjoyed Deva and learned so much from it. Right from the introduction and first chapter, it grabbed my attention with the clear explanations. I felt it was in everyday language and all the author’s examples and tales of her experiences made it easy to relate to. I love the touches of humor too—very refreshing. I certainly have a new understanding of nature and life and look at things differently as I’m driving or walking along and out and about in the world. Understanding this makes a lot of things fall into place.

The writing is beautiful, and I can’t wait to read it again and again!”

~ Yvonne Oliver, retired businesswoman


After reading ‘DEVA’ I have come to a place of knowledge regarding the Elemental Forces shaping our world… mentioned Fire. I have a far deeper appreciation and understanding of these forces now and can feel them at work behind this illusion from the tiniest breeze to the mightiest storm. Now when the clouds roll across the sky and lightning flashes and thunder roars, I see them in my consciousness doing their job riding the storm like crazy screaming banshees with neither good nor bad intent. Same thing with the element of fire…..just being what it is meant to be.

It is at our peril that we think we have somehow mastered them.

~ Deane Keir


It sounds like it might be a light reading book but I have to tell you it is amazing. It takes you into new depths of understanding of devas and it isn’t just little fairies flitting through your garden. It’s an amazing perception of Creation itself and I highly, highly recommend it.

~ Barbara DeLong (Night Light Radio, USA)


And on the back cover of DEVA. . .

“This book gives us an excitement of learning about something we don’t normally see. It opens up a whole world of understanding of what is out there and brings an awareness that there is so much more to the concepts of sound, energy, and vibration.”

Sally Burgess PhD (Esoteric Studies)




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