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What are these Workshops about?

(People have asked for fullsome explanations about these workshops. That makes for a lot of reading. If you find reading stressful and would rather I just talk to you about them instead, don’t hesitate to phone me on 03 542 3334.)

When we begin our journey with Art, we don’t always know where we want to go with it. Even when we are ‘accomplished artists’ we can find we have settled into, if not a rut, then a comfort zone of doing the same old thing all the time when actually we could be flying—going beyond boundaries we have unwittingly set around our work. We can open up new ways of expressing our artistic impulse and take our work to a new level of excitement and quality.

At these points in our art journey we need to dig really deeply into our artistic psyche or soul. This workshop programme is specifically and uniquely designed to help you truly discover the ‘Heart of YOUR Art’ and using what you uncover, to take your work to that next stage.

We can always go further and do better!

Workshop One has three components which we cover each day.

1. An in-depth questioning that is designed to give you deep insights into your own artistic expression, what gets your artistic juices running and your inspiration really excited, where you want to take it and what you need to get you there.

2. A segment each day that coaxes us to see in ways that I find many artists do not see. And even if you feel you are already expert at seeing, you can still tailor this module to serve the new discoveries you made in part 1.

3. An introduction to materials and methods you may not have come across. After the deep concentration of the first two parts of the day, this is a neat way to wind up the learning with a ‘play time’.

I supply all materials for Workshop One but suggest if you have a watercolour brush that you bring it along.

Keynotes for Workshop One:

  • Absolutely non-competitive. You don’t have to share your insights unless you want to.

  • Strange as it may sound you learn heaps without actually drawing anything!

  • I aim to provide a nurturing environment and processes that work for both beginners and experienced artists.

Workshop Two

This is going to take what you learned about your art in Workshop One and expand it into hands-on practice. You might not be able to complete an entire project, but you will be able to tackle the steps and play with some of the directions you came up with in Workshop One. This is a nuts and bolts weekend to get you trying the new tools so you can really achieve that new vision and quality.

We’ll be going deeper into:

  • Choices of composition.

  • Tips for getting the vision out of the mind and into physical reality.

  • Colour palettes and their implications for getting the results you want.

  • How to deal with ‘mistakes’. We all make them, even Da Vinci changed his mind part way through his works. Often though, we just feel uncomfortable about a piece but cant figure out what’s wrong with it.

  • The best and least wise use of photographs as your subject material.

  • Anything else that arises that I can help you with.

It’s important that through Workshop One both you and I get to understand what you are wanting from your art and so that you can get the most out of Workshop Two. You do not have to enroll in both workshops but if you want to do Workshop Two, you must do Workshop One first.

I do not expect you to wind up drawing or painting the way I do. That would be insulting to you and would not further your unique artistic expression. I DO expect you to make the most of your own creative insights to develop and refine your own style.

Creating and running a workshop is hard work so why do I do it? I love seeing people get inspired and excited as they realise they have far more in their artistic juice tanks than they ever dreamed of.

Read what other participants have said.

What experience do I bring to these workshops? – Read Amberli Hartwell’s piece below:

Jacquelyn_E_Lane_3a_PressJacquelyn E. Lane was approached by the Derwent Pencil brand in the UK to be one of their listed artists. Primarily known for her beautiful botanical studies, Jacquelyn’s unique, detailed style in the “magical realism” genre also delights audiences around the world as she captures the whimsy of the fairy and deva world. She is an illustrator of two books “Once In a Blue Moon” published by Random House and her own eco-novel, The Children of Gaia, a visual feast with 178 illustrations. More recently she has published This World of Echoes. For many years before moving overseas, she was an exhibiting member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts and has held solo exhibitions in both sculpture and painting/drawing. With a BA in education she is well versed to impart her vast knowledge and experience in the creative world of art.

Jacquelyn can help you further develop your own style and raise your game in all your artistic endeavours through these unique weekend workshops.

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