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The Children of Gaia is set in a number of forests around the globe. Forests are the Earth’s richest source of biodiversity, the lungs of the planet and barometers of planetary health. They contribute so much to our lives in ways that we may not be aware of.

“To me a natural forest is a magical place. It’s more than an intricate eco-system; it’s a place of intelligent life and extraordinary beauty at all levels. Trees and forests feed the human spirit in subtle but powerful ways and we’re incredibly lucky to still have such forests in New Zealand.”

To obtain authentic environmental data and illustrative material, Author/Illustrator Jacquelyn E. Lane visited forests in New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, the former Republic of Czechoslovakia, Germany, England, and Costa Rica. She consulted many experts in the fields of botany and ecology to lay the sound scientific foundation that underpins The Children of Gaia. 

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