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 “Words take our minds on flights of imagination as they carry us along on a story. Images give us a place for our imagination to reside. We can stop there in the pictures to explore, enriching our experience of the journey.

I wanted to share the magic of trees and forests with others, not just through words and story but with images. I also wanted to help people who had never been in a forest to get a sense of what a forest is like. When I’m drawing moss or painting tree bark, I disappear into the feel, colour, aliveness and wonder of it. All that I have seen and observed is triggered and I know it all over again, often at a depth I was not aware of in the original encounter.

The paintings are all watercolours. The colour pencil drawings are done with Faber Castel Polychrome Pencils and the monochrome drawings with Derwent Graphics then converted to sepia electronically so they blend with the colour illustrations.”

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