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The world is full of magic as deep and ancient as Life itself . . .

In the deep of night at the heart of the Moonwood an elf is created—a sylvan—one who sings life through the trees in their keeping. On the other side of the planet, two teenagers have long ago unwittingly opened a gateway to the sylvans’ world—the hidden kingdom of deva—two worlds inextricably bound but one is blind and deaf to the other. In a time of great turbulence and change are these three really following their own paths or are they pawns in a far greater game?

Research in many diverse forests around the world combine with decades of esoteric studies in this ambitious work that traverses science, metaphysics and story-telling to reveal the Earth as a multi-layered reality of ecology and consciousness.

The Children of Gaia
dances through the forests in a beautiful, multi-dimensional tale, lavishly illustrated with 178 drawings and paintings. Recommended for  adults and young adults alike.


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