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After a rocky road to publishing (accepted twice before by well-known publishing houses) The Children of Gaia was first published under a traditional contract in 2006. The first small print run quickly sold out but the publishers who went into liquidation a few years later. In 2013 I brought out the second edition myself, the edition now available to you. Below are some new reviews and older ones collected over the years.

“This is a truly beautiful book. No surprise that it took the author, Jacquelyn E. Lane, more than ten years to complete. Just handling it is a joy, a pleasure that is reinforced when one delves inside. The intricately detailed illustrations that illuminate the story bring to mind precious medieval manuscripts, and had this reader eagerly turning the pages.

The story is a combination of fantasy and well-grounded observations of the natural world. It’s an adult fable that traverses the forests of the world and carries a message for us all. To tell more is to risk spoiling the smaller and larger delights awaiting the reader. However, it is safe to reveal that the overriding thread is our need to protect, sustain and nourish our planet, and Jacquelyn handles her themes with a sure touch.

I can see this thought-provoking novel being cherished and handed down from generation to generation. Indeed, it deserves to become a classic.”  Sally Astridge (Freelance Editor)

“Absolutely fantastic!”
Stewart Pearce (Master of Voice, Sound Healer and Author)

“…most enjoyable and very engaging – it was hard to put down.” Gary Hartshorn- President, World Forestry Centre, Oregon USA. (Formerly Chief Scientist with Worldwide Fund for Nature and Director of the Organisation for Tropical Studies)

“I know it is going to become almost a cult classic . . .” Frank de Marco (retired CEO of Hampton Roads Publishing)


“I absolutely adore your book and have lent and recommended it to many people. Everyone who reads it raves about it also. The whole concept is brilliant and will change many people’s attitudes and beliefs.” Jan Inger (Therapist, New Zealand)

“Reading The Children of Gaia for the first time was a transformative experience for me. After a career of teaching literature at Further Education level in England and struggling often with having to give rational, critical assessments of poetic language and experience, I was transported beyond the framework of logic into a realm which bordered the horizon of matter and spirit. Here I encountered a consciousness which transcends our mundane reality and reveals the supernatural essence within.

It is a well crafted, yet poetically magical story with both a materially and spiritually consistent message: save Gaia with both practical and intuitively healing energy. This book will harness deep concern in all readers both for our home in the Universe and for ourselves.” Robert Smith (BA Oxon) (UK)

“I thank Jacquelyn for the inspiration of her beautiful novel.” Nick Midlam (BSc Hons Student, Australia) (Nick wrote that The Children of Gaia inspired him to return to University to do his Honours degree in environmental studies.)

“When I finished I felt as if I had been given a very special gift. Reading it once was not enough.” Marie Van Wyk (Medical and Law Student, New Zealand)

“It is magic – it brings me to tears. It captures something, something deep and wondrous inside of oneself immediately.” Morna Bowater (Therapist, New Zealand)

“It will become one of those “must have” future classics, I have absolutely no doubt!” Jill Taylor (Sales Representative, NZ)

“An exquisite fairy tale about reality. The world needs this book.” Biannca Pace (Peace Activist, Sydney, Australia)

“Many, many times I had to re-read a sentence because it was so beautiful. We are all the richer for it with many blessings touching those who listen.” Marieke Marygold. (Performance Artist, New Zealand)

” I loved your style – your poetic use of language; I loved the way Steve and Sarah bring the message to life in a very real way. The book made me reflect and consider things in a new way.” And of course I absolutely adore your illustrations.” Margot Katz (Business Guru and author, London, UK.)

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