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Books on Body Mind Spirit

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From time to time we all need help with our journey through life and those who have faced their problems and found solutions can make great teachers.


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In Truth Spirit Love, author Dawn Grace Kelly provides a coherent, extremely useable guide to a range of self-healing techniques. The thoughtful layout, which separates the paragraphs with a generous space between each, makes for exceptionally easy reading and absorption of the ideas and advice it presents.

The Author’s own healing journey is told with honesty and frankness. This book is at the same time both grounded and uplifting, practical and realistic while presenting multiple avenues for greater self-awareness and pathways to a psychologically and spiritually healthier life via various proven techniques.

Truth Spirit Love provides newcomers to self-healing with a good foundational understanding of the body-mind-spirit connection. For the more experienced, it has sufficient depth to prompt us to dig deeper and reminds us of healing ways we may have forgotten or overlooked.

Subtitled, ‘The Essential Guide to Healing’, Truth Spirit Love is a ‘must have’ in your bookshelf and a great gift for friends and loved ones who could do with some practical guidance to deal with the many layers of challenges we can face in being human.

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