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Karyn Roberts Art Update

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I’m delighted to bring you three new artworks from one of my favourite artists. Karyn Roberts is a New Zealand artist based on the South Island’s West Coast, aka ‘the wet coast’!

‘Once I Was’ (Pencil)

This delightful drawing of a New Zealand Tomtit (far left), a New Zealand Fantail (centre top) and a North Island Robin (right) is one of Karyn’s most recent works. The reptile is a Tuatara, a rare leftover from the age of dinosaurs and unique to New Zealand. You might also spot a couple of other critters, like a Weta and a wee mouse. A cluster of islands, isolated for millions of years in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is now home to a unique flora and fauna.

Kaka Mandala

This is the latest in a series of bird mandalas Karyn has created in recent years. I have prints of several. They’re delightful and keep giving back. I suggest you look at her website: Karyn Roberts Art if you want prints or to be the proud owner of an original.

Kaka are New Zealand’s forest parrots, one of three native species of parrot, all unique to New Zealand and all endangered by introduced predators. It may not show up on your screen but there’s a tantalising bit of colour on the birds’ neck feathers.

Finally, in this latest collection, I can show you Karyn’s latest seascape masterpiece. It’s rare to find an artist who can make an artwork of the sea feel so real.

‘Cry For Mercy But The Bell Doth Toll’

This stunning work by Karyn Roberts has been selected as an entrant in New Zealand’s forthcoming Tasman National Art Awards. The successful entries will be shown over two weeks at Mapua Hall, (Tasman, South Island, New Zealand) from 2nd to 15th October.

You can see more of Karyn Roberts work at:

Her work is also featured at Form Gallery:

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