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Faerie cards from Fantasy Doll Artist Debbie Pointon

Card graphics by Jacquelyn E. Lane & Debbie Pointon

Welcome to Debbie Pointon’s World of Doll Magic

Debbie’s beautiful fantasy art dolls have consistently won top regional and national awards in New Zealand and have been featured in the prestigious doll magazines, Doll (UK) and Doll Collector (USA).

Since graduating from graphic design school Debbie has had a multi-award winning career in painting, ceramics and sculpture as well as her dolls and combinations of all those media. Debbie has been an elected member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts since 1981. She works in a delightful home studio atop a verdant hill. You can see the wider scope of Debbie Pointon’s exceptional talent at:

Scroll on down past the pictures for the story of how these images were created…

At the beginning of the 2000s, my friend, Debbie Pointon was submitting articles to two top international Doll magazines. She asked me to help her create some special graphics to show off her award winning Fantasy Art Dolls in that print media. Debbie was one of several art school-trained, highly professional artists who welcomed me into their studios and life-drawing groups when I began my own professional art journey in the early 1980s on the Kapiti Coast. (North Island, New Zealand). We have remained firm friends ever since though now regrettably separated on different islands. Debbie is always innovating. Digital art is about the only kind of art she doesn’t do!

I had previously taken many photos of Debbie’s beautiful dolls, usually in front of a plain fabric background, so we had good images to work with. It was pre-digital camera days for me so there was a lovely ambience to the photos from my trusty SLR Minolta. The articles were duly published and they looked great. We then realised that some of the images would also make lovely greeting cards. To create some of the backgrounds, we had been creative with my scanner, placing cling film over the glass to create the effect of water for the Mermaid, with hemispheres of glass bubbles sitting on top. For Metamorphosis, (with the butterfly wings) which had been photographed in front of a window to a garden, Debbie decided a bubble would suit her beautifully. With some experimenting in computer imaging software, we soon had her protected in a shining, egg shaped bubble. The rainbow bubble you see surrounding Metamorphosis on the slider at the top of this page, came from photos of streams of bubbles snapped with my camera, with Debbie doing the hard blowing into the bubble pipe. Working with such an inspiring artist was a truly wonderful and memorable experience and I think you’d agree, the results are quite magical.

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