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Entire trilogy in a single print book

WE Ebooks 2013

 Three separate eBooks

Questions and Answers with Jacquelyn E. Lane

Scribe of This World of Echoes

Q 1    Where did you begin your journey with This World of Echoes?

About eight years before, in the late 1980s, a friend suggested I try writing during meditation. That night at my usual bedtime meditation I placed myself in a column of light and raised my consciousness up the column as far as I could. At that highest point I became aware of a presence. I began asking questions which I wrote down along with the answers I received. So that was the beginning of learning how to ‘channel’ in this way, but really the journey began much earlier with a conscious commitment to learning about our spiritual journey. It’s been a life-long interest. I studied religion and philosophy as part of my university degree and then went on to some wonderful books from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries as well as ‘New Age’ material. I began meditating regularly in 1975 so years of meditation and study gave me a solid foundation for this work.

Q2    Can you tell me more about the Presence, like a name or their background?

At first I got the sense that the Presence was not just one entity but a small group. Over time, one of that group came through most frequently and clearly. I knew I wasn’t plugging into the astral plane so I wasn’t interested in a name but in the quality of what was being given to me.  After some years I asked what I could call him. (It certainly felt like a ‘he’.) He was rather amused and gave me a name but I still think one has to be careful—it’s easy to get into a lot of glamour around who we think it is, maybe some ascended Master or Cosmic Being. A lot of the time it may simply be our own soul. Infusion with our own soul or higher self is what we should be aiming for!

Q3  How may your readers be assured these energies you recorded have good intentions?

They are not interested in personal stuff for a start. That’s a clear indication they are not of the astral planes. Their attitude is never divisive, it’s inclusive, which is a quality of the soul and higher planes, and they never give ‘instructions’ of any kind that hold a harmful intent to me or anyone. There’s always a pure vibration of love coming through even when they are being firm about the illusions and ‘self aggrandisements’ as they call them, that we as personalities are so attached to.

Q4    Did the Presence indicate to you that what he was giving you would be a book?

Yes. In late 1995 I was staying in a hotel in China when I did a meditation in which I was shown a book and told the work on that was to start. It was as if I’d been primed for eight years because the new work was like a coherent jigsaw that fits together into this wonderful mosaic of understanding.

Q5    Have you been influenced by any particular school of thought you have studied?

Everything we study and learn contributes to our ability to understand information that we are given, whether it’s given by our soul or some higher entity. Our education also contributes to the range of expression that can be used by those giving us these insights. We could say the channel’s education and understanding are an alphabet that can be used to get the message across. To bring it out without too much distortion, too much colour from our culture, beliefs etc., that’s our responsibility as channels—to remain as clear and detached as possible. What I actually found was that taking down This World of Echoes greatly facilitated my ability to understand other teachings.

Q6    How does the information come to you—in words or sound or what?

At first it was in letters of fiery light, then it became sentences given in light, then in sound. Later, when I was properly aligned and the connection well established—as in This World of Echoes—the information was coming as parcels of energy that I, as the scribe ‘unwrapped’. The parcel is like a seed that contains all the information that unfolds into a tree, or in this case a written body of  wisdom.

Q7   The language is very poetic. Do you normally write poetry?

No! When I’d been working with that particular being for a while I affectionately dubbed him the ‘Poet of the Christ’ because the feeling he exudes is of extraordinary Divine Love and the choice of words and their shaping into sentences had a very poetic quality to them. Some material was pure verse and will be published separately. Often I would wonder part way through a sentence or a passage where it was heading. My intellect would whisper in this little voice, “Hey this isn’t going to make any sense at all!” But the next day or whenever I typed it up, it not only made perfect sense but it was so beautifully and cleverly expressed. I’m using the term ‘Christ’ for the Being known as the current World Teacher, who has different names in different religions.

Q8    How do you think This World of Echoes is different from other channelled works?

The trilogy is not about any paricular religion though it is perhaps a new definition of ‘God’ or whatever you want to call the Originator of All that is. The material has relevance for all of us in our spiritual evolution. It’s not addressing the little individual personality concerns, like “Am I going to get that job?”, or “Is my relationship going to work out?” Our soul or higher self isn’t interested in how comfortable we are as personalities. We, the personality, are our soul’s instrument and its evolution depends on our ability to acquiesce to its energy of impersonal divine love and group responsibility.

This World of Echoes gives us some new ways to look at old questions, opens new doors in our minds. It doesn’t claim to be ‘the only way’ and if it did I wouldn’t have a bar of it, because there are many ways to discover Truth. It is what it says it is—A Divine Guide to Being Human. It gives us some new keys to understanding, keys that resonate for us now, and some long way into the future I suspect. I think it’s part of the wonderful mosaic of ‘new’ teachings available to us at this time of great opportunity for humanity.

Q9  Will you be presenting the material in This World of Echoes through talks or workshops?

Yes, I gave my first workshop on this material at the NZ Seven Rays Conference in 2001 on one of the main threads in the trilogy, the passage of divine energy from its still point at source to it’s apparent solidity as matter in the physical world. I have developed other workshops on the material since, using visual aids to help people understand some of the complex concepts. There are many themes to explore that make up the totality of what’s in the books. My degree major was Education so sharing and informing comes naturally to me. I love to see people find authentic ways to tap into their own store of inner resources and light.

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