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The Book

This World of Echoes has what I think of as ‘intelligent spirituality’. It’s inspiring, inclusive and practical.

“. . . written in the flavour of the great esoteric and occult traditions, theosophy, anthroposophy, hermeticism etc,  yet the language and the perspectives are different. I think the reader will find new information and fresh perspectives on familiar subjects, and a new way of articulating “energy” in comprehensible terms.” Daryl Fell , Esoteric Astrologer, Melbourne Australia.

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“It is non-sectarian, no-nonsense, profound, insightful and revealing. It draws me in and puts my mind and heart to work. It is intelligent, compassionate, penetrating, and leads me into useful places, useful modes of thought and contemplation. Thus it is stimulating and thought-provoking. Above all, it is deep and pure commonsense. I highly recommend it for anyone who is searching to understand that which lies beyond the surface of the phenomenal world.” Nicola Mannering.

This World of Echoes asks us to think of the world we inhabit as the end result of waveforms echoing from the source of all Life—a source that humans label ‘Divine’ because it is beyond our full knowing.

What forms our ‘reality’ is only the farthest extent of that echo so our spiritual journey is about our mastery of those ‘lower’ levels of consciousness and our gradual change of focus to increasingly higher levels of consciousness that take us closer to the source of the ‘echoes’.

A smart phone responds to the swipe of your fingers. What if a book could respond to your thoughts?

This World of Echoes seems to be able to do that. I didn’t know until a reader kept buying copies because she was lending it to neighbours and friends who decided they just had to have their own copy.

When I talked with her about the book she told me she had not yet read it from cover to cover, she simply held a question, a thought or concern in her mind and opened This World of Echoes at random, much as one  does with runes or a pack of wisdom cards. She said the book always gave her the appropriate answer to her what was on her mind.

I had always read it a chapter at a time but now I often do it her way—asking a question, considering a problem, pondering a concern. It works, every time.

Is this some kind of magic? Only in the sense that Truth is ‘magical’. It’s because Truth is whole, so no matter which angle we view it from it’s still going to give us the Truth.

I should have twigged to this method myself since this holistic nature of Truth is spelled out in various parts of the book, as here in the chapter on Freedom:

“Can you not see how all we have discussed in these pages is like the opening of a flower, so vast and beautiful and wonderful, you had not even dreamed of its likeness? And can you not see that we have been buzzing through the petals of this beautiful flower and yet all the angles from which we have viewed it, were just that, angles on the same flower?

So when you ponder, and read again, you will find all that wanders in your mind behind the words, fitting together all these parts linking to the greater whole, each part in holographic truth, being also whole. “

As one man told me after reading the book, “It takes you to a place of higher intuition, so you understand it at a higher level than logic or concrete reason. That’s why I liked it so much.”

Many readers do, of course, read This World of Echoes from cover to cover. Even though I wrote this book down myself, I still get deeper and deeper insights with each reading. That’s why I put together a Workshop with lots of computer graphics to help people get a better understanding of the deeper concepts This World of Echoes explores.

When you get your own copy, I recommend you read the Preface first. It explains how the book came to be written and the nature of its sources.

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