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Below are interviews about DEVA-Our Relationship with the Subtle World. The interviewers each have their own distinctive style. It’s been fun. Just click on the red links to listen.

There’s the delightfully mercurial Dr Pat Baccili. Dr Pat and I had such a great time, she booked me for a ‘Part 2’ interview!

For interview Number One with Dr Pat:

For interview Number Two, with Dr Pat’s moving intro on the California fires:

First was the gently wise Barbara de Long.

Broadrdcast on September 5, my Moments with the astute, Marianne Pestana, went to air. Listen on this iHeartRadio!

And then there’s the irrepressible Cheryl Costa … (Press the play button below for that one.)

Coming up in December 2020, I’m very much looking forward to talking with Sheryl Sitts.

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