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Sunlight on water by Jacquelyn E Lane

“How do I see them?”

That’s the most frequent question I’m asked about communicating with the deva realm. By this people usually mean the level of deva known as nature spirits. Most of us have been raised with tales of faerie. Movies tend to reinforce the modernised ‘traditional’ images—delicate creatures with frilly dresses and wings or caricatures of goblin-like beings.

Nature Spirits are prone to mimic us, an easy shape-shifting accomplishment for something that is fluidly ethereal. Please put aside those story book or movie maker preconceptions of how they will look. One day you may see a nature spirit that looks the way you expected but don’t begin with that expectation.

Take little steps in this, as in any endeavour. They eventually lead you to competence just as crawling led to standing, which led to walking and eventually to running. So here’s what I suggest.

Wake up your senses!

Connecting with deva is usually easier around the Plant Kingdom, especially where there are mass plantings of flowers and large old trees. So if you’re lucky to have a beautiful park or garden handy, start there. An ancient forest unmolested by mankind is the best but sadly, they’re in scarce supply these days. There are deva in deserts too of course, and I love them too, it’s just that I have this thing for trees.

Wherever you choose to try it, be aware of the space around you. Feel the outer boundaries of your own ‘field’, the energy space around your physical body, then the field around your emotional body, then around your mental body. These are part of what’s generally referred to as your ‘subtle body or bodies’.

As you move through a garden or a park or even a city street, feel the slight and subtle changes as you go from one place to another. Listen for bird song, insect clicks and hums. Feel the elements—rain, breeze and sun. Feel how those elements affect your subtle body, how they impact your field.

That’s Stage One —Awareness.

Make like a deva and Find the Joy Key . . .

Remember that the Deva Kingdom evolves through joy so it’s much easier to sense them through joy.

Find the traces of those times when the nature devas have knocked on the edges of your consciousness. They are the joy in the rain, the magical way a bud unfolds itself to reveal a beautiful flower. They’re the flash of lightning and the whisper in your mind when, for an instant, you feel that all around you everything’s alive and it connects with the aliveness within you.

February Sunset New Zealand

Pick something that attracts you. A tree is a great place to start and the bigger the tree the better. In the absence of a tree, pick something that appears and feels as if it’s thriving—shrubs or flower beds maybe. (Simply because it’s easier if the vegetation is abundant and thriving.)

Feeling the Life

Feel the aliveness in your surroundings. Realise that you are not the only thing alive in this place. Treat everything you see as alive.

Let imagination inspire you. Inspire means to ‘breathe-in spirit’ and imagination is a form of inspiration. It connects us to the subtle, that which is not yet physically seen.

Green Spring Oak Leaves

Imagine you can feel the life in your chosen subject. Imagine the energy of water and nutrients entering through the roots. Imagine the busyness going on inside the leaves as they turn sunlight into food and oxygen.

Now imagine that this life can sense your presence and let that thought turn your imagination into joy.

Let this sense of Life and Joy become a Knowing that what you have chosen to communicate with is not only alive but intelligent and responsive. It knows you are there.

That’s Stage TwoSensitivity.

The Approach

You know there’s intelligent, responsive life in there so it’s time to send out your heart energy to meet it half way. Why the heart? Because the heart energy is a good conductor of your higher energy of unconditional Love.

Why is that important? Because it’s automatically respectful. Why would a busy nature spirit want to give you their attention unless you were in a state of love and respect for them and what they are creating? Being centred in the heart also means you are less likely to be using your solar plexus (your emotional centre) therefore you’re less likely to attract the lower elementals. There are dangers associated with deva contact and the lower elementals are one of those dangers. As with all steps in spiritual endeavours and learning, make them small steps, don’t force and don’t over-reach yourself. Here’s a disclaimer, if you have mental health issues, consult your health professional first and use a hefty dose of common sense. It’s also wise to read what other books have to say on the subject.

Why half way? Part of respect is asking permission. Don’t try to force your way into the deva’s presence or the tree or plant they reside in or attend to. Even after a great deal of familiarity has built up having respect and seeking permission is still a requirement of love.

Personally, I also engage the crown energy (from just above my head) as well as my heart energy but that’s over to you. These qualities we’ve mentioned—awareness, joy, knowing, love and respect—will draw a response sooner or later. Sometimes, they can be jumping up and down in front of us and we’re not aware of it because we are so nervous or trying so hard to get it right! (Whatever ‘right’ means.)

I’m not going to tell you want to expect, that’s for you to find out. You may not see anything in the normal sense. Your communication may come telepathically or with a sense of colour, light and movement that is clearly not part of our normal human perception. So be aware of the very subtle things you experience. Keep respecting, keep loving, improve your awareness, don’t force anything, be joyful and relax!

What if you live in the depths of a city where the are no beautiful gardens handy? Does that mean you can’t experience deva? Not at all. Deva are in all matter, not just in the plant kingdom. It’s just easier in nature and that’s where we find the transitional elementals who are on their way to evolving into higher deva just as we are evolving into higher states of consciousness. It’s that sense of aliveness we need to awaken and cultivate, that subtle but very real state of heightened awareness that we need to connect with deva. Allow that sense of aliveness to reach out from you to the aliveness in whatever is available to you. There will be more on this topic in my forthcoming book, which is coming along nicely . . .

Water Elemental

So that’s Communicating with Deva 101. It’s just the start so let me know how you get on. There’s an endless amount of learning to come when we delve into deva and there will be loads more in my forthcoming non-fiction book on deva. There is also a lot to learn about communicating with deva from the characters in my novel The Children of Gaia.

From time to time I’ll be posting a blog on this and related subjects so subscribe now to be informed when those new articles are posted on this site.

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