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Why Learn About Deva?

How do we benefit from an awareness of Deva?

Here’s an extract from the draft of my forthcoming book on Deva, to give you a sense of why I bother.

“Staying ‘connected’ is a major challenge for many of us. Often it’s a feeling that is somewhat vague—we don’t really know what it is we feel disconnected from.

Some get their fix by hanging out with family or friends, with the human group providing a needed sense of belonging. For others (myself included) human company isn’t enough. We’re looking for an experience that goes beyond the normal bonds of friendship or kinship, which let’s face it, can be easily broken or occasionally rocky. We’re looking for a level so deep it’s a shift in reality that takes us from being primarily individual—’me’ or ‘I’—to a state where that sense of ‘me-ness’ is not foremost, where ‘I’ has merged into everything else.

The air is no longer outside of me, I am it. Moreover it is not empty but filled with sentience, with the consciousness of collective Being that, though expressing as a multiplicity is known as a singular Life. The One Life.

Every bit, every entity, every intelligence, be it leaves, trees, insects, whatever, is no longer its appearance as an observable separate thing but is a knowable intelligence that simultaneously knows me because we are all the same Life.

Some find such an experience via religion or other spiritual path of which there are thousands to choose from, all leading, if they are indeed a window on the Truth, to the same realisations.

This level is much more than just a communication with the deva kingdom, which is wonderful in itself and easier to attain than the higher state of unity. If we are able to have this higher level of unity with Creation, we cannot feel alone, abandoned or homesick for some far off heaven or other origin point (real or imagined) off-Earth somewhere in the Cosmos.

We can realise we are already home in Life, in Creation itself. For this reason, if no other, becoming familiar with the kingdom of Deva is most certainly worthwhile.”

An experience of unity begins with communication. You can read about that first step of communicating with deva here.

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