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Why Learn About Deva?

Nature spirits and angelic overlighting deva hold an allure for people worldwide and this aspect of deva is covered by a number of popular books. Yet our very personal relationship with deva via our own physical, astral/desire and mental elementals is overlooked and along with the underlying metaphysics, ignored or hidden in deeply esoteric tomes. Why does this bigger picture matter? Realising the fullness of deva’s role, we are suddenly no longer justified in thinking of humanity as a separate or independent kingdom.

In my forthcoming book on Deva you will get a much deeper understanding of the extent of the Deva Kingdom and how we use them in every experience we have as human beings.

To give you a taste, here are a few pieces from the new book  . . .

“My aim is to present a framework that will help us to understand the bigger picture of deva and how this kingdom is so intertwined with our lives at all levels, not just in nature. Above all, this is a personal journey. It may or may not resonate with your own encounters with the deva kingdom. Either way, I hope that in my sharing, you will be both entertained and to whatever degree, informed.”

and . . .

The Nature of Reality

“When talking of deva, we suddenly seem to have lost touch with the ‘real world’. It comforts us to think that what we see is the way the world actually is. Increasingly, as we learn more about our bodies, their mechanisms of perception and quantum physics that takes us beyond what is physically visible, we discover that reality may be nothing like our perception of it. Hamlet was right, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” The esoteric philosophy in this book aims to open us up to those things not dreamt of or just plain avoided, in orthodox Western philosophy.

The nature of reality is not just a subject for investigation by the physical sciences but the field of metaphysics, the study of what is behind, beyond ‘normal’ human sight in the physical world. Metaphysics can include religious, philosophical and spiritual teachings and is often given other labels like ‘esotericism’ and ‘occultism’. ‘Occult’ is a word that has been highjacked by misuse and confined in recent times to the realm of superstition, witchcraft and devilry. Its real meaning is used in astronomy to describe a celestial body that is hidden or unseen behind one that can be seen. So, it’s a very apt word to describe the subject matter of this book.

Metaphysics seeks to explain what is hidden behind or beyond the physics of the ‘real’ world and to explain what causes the physics of this ‘real’ world. To the esotericist or metaphysician, the discovery that atoms are just energy is hardly surprising since one of the fundamental ideas of metaphysics is that the manifested world, (the world and universe of physical form), is in fact, nothing but energy of different densities and qualities.

The solidity of our world only holds together in a narrow band of perception. Its apparent solidity is the result of our human physiology—our eyes, ears, touch etc.—and of course, the way our brain functions. Outside of this band, our world is just patterns and qualities of energy. The solidity we humans perceive is the illusion that holds us prisoner but also enables us to make ‘sense’ of the buzzing, sparking shifting energy that is our universe—the creation in which we ‘live and move and have our being’.

We’ll come back again and again in different ways to this tricky business of the nature of reality and between the stories of deva we’ll gradually build a framework that helps us to understand it. The anecdotes will give you a sense of how we can consciously experience the deva realm.”

and . . .

The Joy of Deva

“In addition to the sylphs of the air, great hosts of deva life travel with tremendous speed across the oceans on the summons of rightful song. They are not deva of wind and weather but part of a great layer of Light beings that are agents for upliftment and change for all life on Earth. They mediate between the kingdoms and act as transmitters of light from the Buddhic plane—well above the normal level of human consciousness—to the planes below (i.e. the mental, astral and physical. See Fig 9 below). Sound and light are their vehicles and their expression. Their wings are joy and their numbers countless. I have most often encountered these Light beings at the extremities of a land, like the northern and southernmost tips of New Zealand, though I have also been aware of them whilst standing on a seashore.

I put my question, ‘Where does deva joy come from?’ to a high deva that had invited me to ask whatever I wanted to know. I have included ‘his’ answer here because it captures the feeling of those wonderful Light beings that traverse the oceans, singing their joy across its surface.”

“In the joy of creation, we celebrate. At every level we contact purpose, whether the purpose is that of a higher deva or of a being with independent thought, like you, a human being. Our joy is in the joining of your purpose with our knowing. There is the light of knowing and the sound of Being. When these two are united, creation
happens. Creation is testament to there being no separation. In truth indeed all is unity, all is One. Simple, isn’t it?

Purpose or Being just is. It cries out that it is and its cry finds us in the darkness of our knowing and ignites our light. When Love is part of the purpose, love is manifest in our light. Being and knowing reach for each other and the result is Love. I say again, the sound of Being ignites the light of our knowing. It repeats and repeats at every instant in every plane, dimension and realm, creation on-going, demonstrating the oneness of I and Am.

Of course, we higher deva have Being and Purpose. We have evolved through the marriage of Creation. Our light and sound are inseparable from each other though to you it may seem we are more one than the other. We are both the servants and the instigators of creation. We serve that which is higher than us and we instigate the next stage of the purpose shared. Only in the minds of humankind are there separations and distinctions required for so-called understanding but your understanding is merely a stepping stone for revelation and realisation and one day you too must marry the sound and the light that is you.”

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