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Please Share . . . Readers sell far more books than authors do!

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“It sounds like it might be a light reading book but I have to tell you it is amazing. It takes you into new depths of understanding of devas and it isn’t just little fairies flitting through your garden. It’s an amazing perception of Creation itself and I highly, highly recommend it.” Barbara DeLong (Night Light Radio, USA)

Barbara de Long is a lovely lady who, along with some colleagues, has her own radio station in the USA, Night Light Radio.  Barbara offers informative interviews from a broad spectrum of the Body-Mind-Spirit genre. There’s a feast of podcasts on Night Light Radio so do check them out.

You can hear my podcast with Barbara about DEVA—Our Relationship with the Subtle World on this link:

Check out other interviews I’ve done HERE with Cheryl Costa, Marianne Pestana (airing 5 September 2020) and Dr Pat. A Part 2 Interview with Dr Pat is coming on 9 September (USA) (10th September in Australia and NZ.)

If you haven’t seen it already, check out my Book Trailer at the Tall Pixie channel on YouTube.

Is DEVA in your part of the world yet? Check it out HERE.
DEVA was shortlisted for the 2019 Ashton Wylie Unpublished Manuscript Awards just after being picked up by Findhorn Press.

There are a few books called Deva out there so,
if the cover doesn’t look like this,
it’s not my book!

DEVA is easily available in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. For other countries you can order from the list of companies below.

DEVA is a Findhorn Press Book and I’m very grateful and privileged to have such a prestigious and respected company behind me on this project that has been such a ‘long time in the making’.

Ask your local bookshop to order it for you. That way others might get to see it in the bookshop too.

You can also purchase DEVA from any of the following links in red:

Inner Traditions (who publish Findhorn Press books)
Barnes & Noble &
Those of you in the USA can also buy from:
Indie Bound (Independent Bookstores)

Kiwis can also purchase directly from me as the author. Just email me:

I strongly recommend you purchase the print edition to make the most of the explanatory graphics.

Finally, please share this news with your friends. As you know, we read books primarily because friends recommend them to us.
You can send this link by copy and paste: DEVA

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