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Deva-Our Relationship with the Subtle Realm

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Deva are so much more than the joyful beings that animate Nature.

They are the world’s form builders, servants of the symphony at the heart of Creation.

In folklore, their middle ranks are known as ‘faerie’, (aka fairies)  ‘nature spirits’. elves, pixies and so on. In religions (including Christianity) their higher members are known as ‘Angels’. You may be familiar with this kingdom, described by the ancient Sanskrit word ‘Deva’ as ‘Beings of Light’ or you may never have considered these beings ‘real’. A coherent introduction to the Deva Kingdom and our relationship with it, this book may well change your mind about how we perceive the world because DEVA is not just about so-called angels and elves, it’s also about how we, as humans, are constituted. That’s not just our physical constitution but the subtle layers that we experience; emotion, desire, thought and eventually, soul-sourced intuition (as opposed to instinct). These layers are also known as our subtle ‘bodies’ or sheaths and these too give us an intimate relationship with deva of a very personal sort.

Deva are not just in New Zealand’s beautiful and ancient forests!

DEVA—Our Relationship with the Subtle World, tells us how understanding our relationship to Deva (from the elemental beings to their angelic architects) can help heal our sense of separation, including, or perhaps especially, our relationship with Nature. It explains how we and Deva evolve each other, through our use of physical and subtle matter. It’s a book about understanding levels of consciousness and how that understanding enables us to access different levels of intelligence embedded into all the substance we use as human beings. Sound too heady? Don’t worry, the book has a comprehensive framework with diagrams to make the principles and metaphysics behind it MUCH easier to understand. Whats more, the theory is interlaced with my travelogues of deva encounters (often with friends) around the world. Deva are not just in New Zealand’s beautiful and ancient forests!

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Here’s the Official Blurb:

Nature spirits, faeries, gnomes, and their higher angelic counterparts who overlight landscapes, mountains, rivers, and plants have held a fascination for people worldwide for countless generations. The Deva kingdom is essentially the world’s form builders, the symphony at the heart of Creation, yet Deva is so much more than the joyful beings that animate what we call Nature. We each have a very personal and direct relationship with Deva via our physical, astral, emotional, and mental elementals, but this connection has been forgotten or, at the very least, overlooked. When we partner with Deva in our everyday lives, we can help evolve both our kingdom and aspects of theirs.

Exploring the realm of Deva and our relationship with them, Jacquelyn E. Lane introduces us to the hierarchy of the Deva kingdom, from elementals and nature spirits to higher Deva and the levels in between. She examines the metaphysics that underlie their existence and how the energy of Deva is intrinsic to all that we experience. Deva is a Sanskrit word meaning “Being of Light,” an appropriate name as Deva sing light out of the primordial darkness to create forms for Being. Sharing her personal experiences with Deva in many lands over four decades, the author investigates our relationship with Deva, in particular via the elementals of our human constitution, and how we can communicate with the Deva of trees and plants as well as the angelic kingdom. Through scientific discoveries and cultural traditions, we discover the impact we have on Deva and how we use and even “create” new forms of Deva via our inventions and collective activity. Jacquelyn also looks at the orchestrating function of higher Deva and the wider implications of our understanding of Deva, including the role of Deva in Pan consciousness–our increasing realization of the intricate matrix of life within and between all the kingdoms on Earth.

Offering not only an in-depth introduction to the world of Deva but also a glimpse of their wisdom, humor, and joy, this book reveals how we can begin to hear their complex song, find our own song, and work with the appropriate subtle layers of the Deva kingdom to grow and evolve.

Check out the Contents List HERE on the Publisher’s Website.

to get a good sense of the breadth of DEVA-Our Relationship with the Subtle World.

Who is publishing this Book?

DEVA is a Findhorn Press Book (Pub. Inner Traditions-Bear & Co. VT USA) The first book ever published by the Findhorn community was released in 1967. Findhorn Press (Scotland) was recently acquired by Inner Traditions, which has been delivering quality books in the Mind, Body, Spirit genre since the 1970s.

DEVA is available now in USA, UK, Canada, Australia.  If you’re not in any of these countries you can still order it online! If you are in New Zealand or want a copy sent to someone in New Zealand you can purchase it directly from me and I will arrange to send it to your New Zealand buyer for you. It will cost NZ$30 plus postage. Just email me:

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