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The Blackwood Art Update

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Scottish based artist, Laura Blackwood has created another of her beautiful calendars for 2021.

Laura describes her hand painted calendar entitled, The 2021 Nature Calendar as “a celebration of the creatures, plants, weather and traditions that make up the British countryside”.

I love Laura’s beautifully detailed work that takes the viewer right into the intricacies of nature. “Each month’s illustrations link together to form one long, circular image which is printed in its entirety at the back of the calendar” but this is not just a calendar. Laura has included listings of the key plants and animals featured in each painting, “next to where they appear.” So, it’s also a teaching tool for children and adults alike.

Having had the delightful privilege of seeing the inspiring setting in which she and artist husband Simon Blackwood reside, I can attest that Laura is never going to run out of inspiration. In a land of such distinctive seasons, nature is always changing, cycling and recycling in a constant moving feast of visual delights.

Laura Blackwood’s 2021 Calendar can be purchased on line and shipped around the world. So be quick to secure a beautiful present for yourself and loved ones in time for the Christmas mail. I think many of us would want to frame some of Laura’s calendar paintings for our enjoyment long after the year is done.
(CLICK HERE for Laura Blackwood’s shop.)

Simon Blackwood’s Productive Lock Down

Simon took full advantage of Britain’s summer lock down, setting himself the challenge of “A Painting a Day”. The photo I used on the blog notice was on his Instagram Page. He was sitting in their meadow garden painting one of the many pastels he produced from this daily discipline. With a creek and many trees, he wasn’t short of stunning subjects.

Soft Pastel lends itself to fast, loose work so it’s ideal for capturing light and mood.
Go to Simon’s Archives  to see many more of these wonderfully free impressionist works that seem to take us right to the essence of Nature.

“Painting or drawing from life is about being totally present in the moment you are making it – what it becomes then tells its own story. Colour is the magical ingredient and spontaneity the key that unlocks unexpected relationships.” Simon Blackwood

‘Light through trees with Butter Bur and Doronicum daisies – 18th June 2020’ is my personal favourite from this wonderful collection of Simon’s Plein Air works.

And this one, Light on Rule Water is my current pick from Simon’s oil paintings on his regular website. (Separte from the archives)

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