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A Bold American Artist – Shera Delia

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Shera Delia’s art is colorful and often dream-like but she’s also capable of impressive political cartooning. (See the end of this post.) Shera uses mixed-media and describes her influences as the psychedelic and pop art movements of the 60s and 70s. She hails from the beautiful, inspiring, Finger Lakes Region, New York.

Tree Goddess-3 by Shera Delia

In the main, her work draws on strong feelings for the natural world. She is curious about the nature of reality so it’s not surprising I’ve been drawn to her art and how she combines art with mediation, using what she describes as a ‘flow-of-consciousness style’.

This process enables Shera to freely explore a world of vibrant and sometimes bizarre imaginary landscapes. She says, “It becomes a vision quest of surfacing symbols, a conversation with the unseen, teasing it out on the canvas.”

Tree Spirits by Shera Delia

This Red Spiral Lizard is one of my favourites from this small collection of Shera Delia’s work.

Unseen Connections by Shera Delia is clever, beautiful and a lovely depiction of the natural integration of everything in Nature. Shera says that found objects often find their way to the canvas—a flower, a feather, a handful of leaves.

Shera has introduced me to a new term in art, describing her social commentary works as “artivism”. “When called to social commentary, my work is more straightforward though not subtle in attempting to exposing injustices, lies, greed, or the state of our planet.”

Red, White and Greed by Shera Delia. It speaks for itself…

Shera Delia can be found on Instagram at artistshera and on her website:

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