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Who’s Who

Egyptian Tales
1. Shopping with a Boy Racer
2. The Maid
3. The Soldier
4. Hunting for a Home
5. First Egyptian Christmas
6. The Lady’s Honour
7. Who’s Who
8. Street Kids
9. A Thief or Two
10. The Bank
11. The Importance of Walls
12. The White Gecko
13. Black Adam Part 1
14. Black Adam – Part 2
15. Israel Part 1
16. Israel Part 2
17. Israel Part 3

Egyptian Tales—The Main Players

Omar: Owner of an Egyptian fabric and clothing business. It’s growth had been fast. It was in considerable debt and in need of corrective action in most departments.

Madam T: Omar’s wife.

Sayyid: Omar’s father

Rick:  My husband, a New Zealander and independent, hands-on consultant to manufacturing businesses.  He has particular expertise in the knitted textile industry but has worked in several other areas of manufacturing. He has a BA with a double major in Philosophy and Political Science.

Svi & Yanni:  Owners of a software company. They had supplied Omar with a computer system and subsequently employed Rick to head the team of mainly Australian specialists in various fields to help Omar fix his many problems.

Gavin:  Australian accountant who suggested Rick as head of the team and was himself part of the team for particular periods of time.

Other members of the team included: Young Rick (an Ozzie IT whizz).

Note: To protect both the guilty and the innocent, most names have been changed.


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