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Welcome! My name is Jacquelyn.

I have a website because I like to share things that bring me joy. So, you’ll find links to artists whose work I love and galleries of my own art, the creation of which has given me a great deal of joy and fulfillment.

There are books that I hope will delight and uplift you. You’ll also find lots of references to our beautiful planet that is so special and rare in this vast Universe.

I hope my sharing brings you joy and sets you thinking. So pick your topic of interest, in the menu above or via the images below. There’s plenty to explore and more to come so do come back again and again. Happy landing!

Seascape Watercolour-Jacquelyn E Lane
Sylvan Elf cover illustration-The Children of Gaia
Jacquelyn E Lane-NZ-Author-Educator-Artist
Deva Spiral-Jacquelyn E Lane
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