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Happy landing! My name is Jacquelyn.

I have written three books mostly in the Mind Body Spirit genre that I hope will delight and uplift you. The most recent is  DEVA—Our Relationship with the Subtle World from Findhorn Press (Pub Inner Traditions VT USA). Shortlisted for the 2019 Ashton Wylie Unpublished Manuscript Award. Click HERE to learn more about the book and where to purchase.

I also wrote and illustrated The Children of Gaia, a unique combination of ecology and spirituality set in the forests of the world. It may look like a children’s book but was written primarily for tertiary students and adults. It’s out of stock at present and in need of a distributor. This World of EchoesA Divine Guide to Being Human, is a read-by-chapter or open-at-will font of wisdom that gets deeper on each reading. (Wisdom that I, as the scribe, often need to be reminded of!) I also illustrated Once in a Blue Moon, written by Julie Leibrich (Pub Random House NZ). On this site you’ll also find Galleries of my art and illustrations plus Links to Artists whose work I love and Workshops I love to share from time to time.

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I hope my sharing brings you joy and sets you thinking. So pick your topic of interest, in the top-line menu above or via the images.

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