Lance Kerr NZ Artist - Meta Mesh 1

Lance Kerr 

West Coast – New Zealand

You can find Lance on Facebook

Lance Kerr NZ artist - Portrait

Lance Says – “My work deals with concepts around the emergence of integral consciousness that is forming around the globe. Conscious synergy, synthesis, and integrating energy are being explored in my art. The weave motif  was created in 2002 after reading a book by Ken Wilber called “The Eye of Spirit” I had received teachings by Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche around the same time, and I started to explore Buddhist ideas in my painting. The Basic teachings of a Nagarjuna has had a profound effect on me and continues to inform my art, as I use the empty space of paper as a metaphorical device.”

Lance Kerr NZ artist - re-form

Debbie Pointon

New Zealand – Multi Media and multi-award winning artist – Painting, Pottery, Sculpture, Fantasy Art Dolls, Furnishings – You name it Debbie’s done it!

Debbie and I created some neat graphics to showcase her work in top US and UK doll magazines. Inspired by working together we went on to create a range of Fantasy Art Doll Faerie cards. You can see and purchase them right here on my website.

Check out more of Debbie’s prodigious talent on her website.

Ariel - Debbie Pointon
Box Art - Debbie Pointon
Painting - Debbie Pointon

Karyn Roberts

New Zealand –  An awesome talent in stone carving and drawing. I’m the proud owner of one of Karyn’s seascape prints. When I stand in front of it I feel as if I’m right there on the ocean.

Karyn is on Tumblr and Facebook and Instagram

Check out Karyn’s very affordable prints.

Kea by Karyn Roberts NZ artist
Kingfisher by Karyn Roberts NZ Artist
We Be Monsters - Karyn Roberts
Greenstone Pendant (NZ Jade)

Simon Blackwood

Scottish-based artist and art conservator.

Simon’s work is both bold and sensitive, a combination of qualities that is almost an oxymoron in art and a rare pleasure to behold. It’s the glorious light that makes these paintings so special, light that is only truly experienced in the originals.

Gloriously expressive but devoid of figurative detail, Simon’s pictures give us an experience close to the essence of the subject he’s painting.

See more of his beautiful impressionistic oils and pastels on his website

Simon Blackwood -Roe Deer Retreat
Simon Blackwood - Two Sheets to the Light

Laura Blackwood

Based in Scotland – Author and Artist – Below are some of the exquisitely detailed paintings of nature and handwritten text in Laura’s limited edition Fine Art Book – A Celebration of Nature through the Seasons . This is a ‘must have’ labour of love and delight for anyone wanting to appreciate or work with Britain’s flora and fauna.

Check out who watched Laura draw on her website.

Book Illustration - Laura Blackwood
Book Cover - Laura Blackwood
Book Illustration - Laura Blackwood

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